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Analgesia Partnership is a cluster involving both Private and Public structures in order to benefit of a scientific and cultural synergism in the field of pain management by analgesics.
This cluster was officially founded in November 2009 and presently includes 5 academic structures and 8 private companies.
Several members of the cluster have been involved in pain research, especially in pharmacology, for at least 20 years and have published papers in generalized or specialized journals.
Our cluster has two main objectives:
(1) to propose an integrated services platform from chemical synthesis to clinical assessment involving all the steps needed for drug development; beyond the ability to answer to specific solicitations, the gathering of cluster members also proposes complete pain profiling of a new analgesic,
(2)  to perform a R&D activity focused on methodological aspects (e.g. relevant animal or human models of analgesic effect assessment) and on new concepts for innovative analgesic drugs. This activity benefits of the multidisciplinary organization of the cluster mixing chemists, fundamental and clinical pharmacologists, toxicologists, galenists and pharmaceutical developers. Moreover, the cluster has developed outside collaborations especially with clinic departments at the university hospital.

Alain Eschalier, President of Analgesia Partnership



A Cluster powered by Public-Private Synergy pushing the boundaries of Innovation!