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Analgesia Partnership was established on a strong Health & Economic rationale: pain management is a significant unmet medical need. 

High Medical Needs   
Pain is not a disease but a symptom, with an intrinsic specificity of being part of nearly all diseases, acute or chronic.
Approximately 75 M patients are suffering from chronic pain in the Europe.
Though available pharmacopoeia of analgesics is quite old (absence of innovative treatment for decades). And benefit/risk balance of those analgesics is unsatisfying.
It can also be deplored that whereas Big Pharma increasingly invest in analgesics R&D, few new concepts has emerged in the last 10 years. 
louboutin stiefel
christian louboutin stiefel
Worldwide medical costs associated to chronic pain are evaluated to about      34 B€.
Analgesics market is continuously growing from year to year.
The combination of this unmet medical need and blockbusters patent expiration would allow smaller companies to gain more and more share   of the pain market.
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Analgesia, a therapeutic area of significant unmet medical need!