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UMR 766
UMR 1107 / 


Fundamental and clinical pharmacology 

Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology of Pain
Based in the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, UMR 766 research unit acquired a renowned expertise in pharmacology of pain and aims at proposing new targets for the treatment of pain by developing two research topics:
  • Evaluation of the mechanism of action of analgesics and improvement of their benefit/risk ratio
  • Involvement of ion channels in the pathophysiology of neuropathic and visceral pain


Drug design and synthesis


  Conception and Synthesis of Analgesic Molecules
Based at the national graduate school of chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand (ENSCCF) and within the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF), the CESMA team emerges with its expertise in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and drug design in analgesics discovery.
  • Specialization in analgesics
  • Development of new synthetic methods
  • Design and synthesis of new drug-candidates
  • Analysis and purification of active principles


In vitro  pharmacology

  Cell-based pharmacology
Combining an expertise in the development of candidate-drugs and know-how in cell-based assays, NEURONAX builds a well balanced portfolio of compounds and technologies implied in neurorepair.
Moreover, the original platform of NEURONAX is also proposed outside in the form of contracts of service or contracts of research.
  • R&D targeted to new therapeutic approaches for treatment of neurodegenerative pathologies
  • Molecular and cellular analyses on various models of nervous cells
  • Services in in vitro pharmacology

ANS Biotech

ANS Biotech

In vivo Pharmacology


  "Our services are as unique as your discoveries"
ANS Biotech supports drug discovery and development efforts of companies involved in human and animal health, food and nutrition, by providing them with an extensive expertise in preclinical pain research as well as a strong background in Research & Development for new analgesics:
  • Consulting activities
  • In vivo pharmacology services & preclinical pain profiling
  • R&D Project management


Regulatory preclinical studies



  "Together a step forward for mankind"
CERB is an internationally active preclinical contract research organization (CRO). For the pharmaceutical industry, CERB offers the complete safety evaluation in toxicology and pharmacology as required for Phase 1 clinical trials of new molecules.
  • High specialization in cardiovascular pharmacology, telemetry, electrophysiology and central nervous system
  • And in other fields, numerous models for evaluation of primary and secondary pharmacology function
  • A sophisticated network of experts being outstanding in their respective supplementary working disciplines, in order to keep us with the most recent, interlinked advances in biomedical sciences
APTYS Pharmaceuticals

APTYS Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical development


"Need to solve the equation: imagination vs. technical reality + cost control?"
By proposing innovative drug delivery systems and strong know-how in formulation, APTYS can help you develop a drug product out of your drug candidate.
  • Consulting activities up to first-in-man studies
  • Design and formulation development
  • Analytical development and validation
  • Assistance to production
  • ICH stability studies


Analytical pharmacology and toxicology


  Center for Analytical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Based in the Regional University Hospital, CREPTA is specialized in pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic analyses of drugs including analgesics, thanks to high performance analytical equipment (e.g. LC-MS/MS) and cutting-edge facilities.
  • Analytical pharmacology and toxicology
  • Analysis of plasmatic and tissular levels of analgesics and neuromediators
  • Pharmacokinetic and metabolism measures


Clinical supplies

  "Your customized development & clinical supplies partner"
Creapharm is a medium size European group, offering a reactive and customized service to its clients through the following services:
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • GMP Parenterals Production
  • GMP Capsules Production and Blinding
  • GMP Primary and Secondary Packaging, Labeling
  • IMP importation into Europe, IMP distribution worldwide and management of returns
  • International depots network
CIC 501

CIC 501

Clinical studies


  Clinical Investigation Centre
With a renowned expertise in clinical investigation of analgesics, CIC 501 takes advantage of modern facilities in the Regional University Hospital to conduct not only standard clinical trials (phases I to III) but also PK/PD studies and translational research pointed on clinical proof of concept.
  • Expertise in pharmacological exploration of analgesics
  • Development of new methods and models
  • Physiopathological evaluation of chronic pain



Synthetic Methodology 

Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry
ICOA’s main activities include development, synthesis and analysis of molecules which could be used in life sciences. For instance: Design and elaboration of new heterocyclic scaffolds - Development of methods for their regioselective functionalization.-Synthesis of new bioactive scaffolds.
ICOA : UMR 7311, unit depending on “Orleans University and CNRS"



Early Clinical Development 

‘‘Our expertise provides you an advantage for your early drug development success’’
AEPODIA provides scientific consultancy and operational support with high expertise to optimize your early drug development program and your medical devices in order to maximize the success of your early clinical trials. Aepodia is internationally recognized as a reliable partner using Best Fit solutions with a lean & flexible organization and processes leading to cycle time reduction and decreased costs.

in vitro electrophysiological assays 

   ‘‘Your partner for hands-on CNS electrophysiology’’
NEUROSERVICE is a private CRO (Contract Research Organization) focused exclusively on in vitro electrophysiological recordings of the CNS.
NEUROSERVICE provides a wide range of assays for the lead selection and optimization phases of their PAIN R&D programs, supported by a highly experienced team in neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and neurotoxicology. Scalable processes, ready channels of communication and attention to detail ensure the delivery of high quality data with a global reach.



Innovative Chemistry Solutions





  ‘‘Seamless Drug Development from Bench to Market’’ CARBOGEN AMCIS exists to provide innovative solutions for drug development and supply to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries that enable customers to bring new generation medicines to market.
  • Early stage APIs : Process research and rapid supply of APIs prepared  according to non/cGMP
  • Late stage APIs : Process development and cGMP manufacture Commercial APIs : Process optimisation-FDA Audited
  • High Potency services: for small molecules or conjugated drugs. From 10 L to 1600 L. Toxicity level up to category IV.
  • DP : formulation and GMP production of Sterile IMPs
Others: ICH stability studies, peptides synthesis, Pre-formulation development...

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